tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011


OK, so I foumd this "unlegit" Minecraft Launcher called "Minecraft n00b Edition 1.3.1" and it had some problems with launching for me, so I've made it .exe

You can download it from here if you need it.
Make sure to remove the folder it creates if you wish not to use it anymore (cache is there and it might make your legit MC unstable (You are going to buy it). If you are unsure and think that this will steal your passwords, install your Windows again as ALTHiR/Aeon wont never steal any personal data from anyone!

Instructions for this:
NOTICE: SMALL SIZE!!! ... It creates folders and files to %appdata% when you have ran .exe
OPEN "MY COMPUTER" and type this to addressbar %appdata%
YOU WILL NOW SEE .minecraft folder with all data!

1) UnRAR with WinRAR/7-ZIP etc...
2) Scan for viruses etc... (See: VirusTotal Scan)
3) Run .EXE
4) Set your name
5) PLAY!

5 kommenttia:

  1. I've been wanting to give Minecraft a shot for a while now. I may get on top of that soon!

  2. Yeah, this is great way to try it before your buy it :D

  3. Minecraft is ridiculously addictive. nnnhyyoo maa gawwd once you buy it bro you're gonna be digging and creating homes and trying make lava pits in your house and this shit and then it's the morning.

  4. Cool downloading it now. I love Minecraft