keskiviikko 27. huhtikuuta 2011


Okey, so... Today I was debugging a few programs and found out some few cool things I havent checked out...

Theres program X (It can be anything) and I opened it up into PE Explorer to copy resources... Oh boy, theres a "Dialog" section. I opened it up and I see list of Dialog files numbered from 200 to 240.
I opened "213" which contained "Insert Serial Number" box. I deleted the dialog and saved the .exe file.

Oh maannn... It really worked! xD
It now skips the 'Enter Serial' screen. Trolol

sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2011

Chilly Wind! 3-IN-1 Console modding tool!

When I'm done with Athos, Chilly Wind takes a place!

It has 3-IN-1 Tools for Xbox360,Wii and PS3.
It can be used to edit savegames ;)

lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2011

Totally new idea!

Ok, so I started to write here using my phone (Only for this weekend... as I get new PC on Monday or Tuesday!).  I have been writing code and drawing GUI ideas on paper... This is going to be something GREAT!

Think about this:

3 Consoles: Wii - Xbox 360 - PS3
1 Tool: ACMT (Althir's Console Modding Tool)

ACMT could be used for basic console modding needs like:

* Wii App/Wad/etc. File Transfer-tool: Detects SD Card on PC, Able to format it, Can Copy files to it & Create right folders too

* Xbox HDD/USB Manager: For copying content from Xbox to PC / PC to Xbox

* PS3Manager: For ISO Detection etc.

This is still just an idea. Nothing has been done yet! :)

perjantai 15. huhtikuuta 2011

AthosData Beta Info

Woah... So, closed beta is going on and everything is just cool.
I did ALOT bugfixes and added new features aswell!

For now AthosData will be called "Athos".
Also, Athos has NEW features. And whats best, Athos will be 100% FREE.

New stuff added (v0.3.1b)

- Macro Creator: Set buttons to do different functions. Keep Athos open for Macros
- Shortcut Creator: Create Shortcuts for your favourite apps, games, folders, hotlinks...

Stuff changed  (v0.3.1b) 

- Removed Serial Check: Added Online Auth.

Yes, SERIAL CHECK Removed!
Online AUTH  was added. This makes app free to use.
To use Athos, simply login with your free account.

There will be "Plus" thing to get something more (like old beta version etc.)

Thats all folks. Release date sometime next week.

keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

Alpha#1 (Closed)

I've picked few IRL (In Real Life) friends to test AthosData.
So far they have found 8 bugs on it, and I have fixed 5/8.

MSN Password Recover (VIP) can recover MSN Messenger Passwords on LOCAL NETWORK.
Added Injector so you can Inject your own MODS to AthosData.
Free version includes Injector + 1Pre-made .DLL mods
VIP Version includes all 3 mods:

* MSN2FTP : Uploads MSN Accounts to FTP Server of your choice (VIP)
* XM/FLACMOD: Converts XM modules to MP3 and MP3 files to FLAC (Free:Limited KPBS Rate!)
*MODULEPLAY: Plays ALL Module files (XM,MOD,IT ...)

For now on Injector supports mods written in C++
(Visual Basic 2010 tested and works too)

Whens its going to be released?

VIP: June/July
FREE: When all limitations are ready


perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011


School and its computers... xD
Well... Atleast I can write something to here.

Okey, so I started to program application called "Athosdata".
It can be used to  few great things:

* Recover lost MSN Password (Account must have logged atleast once to your computer)
* Patch locked files in Vista/Win7 (Great for modders)
* Convert Media files (WMA,WMV,MP3,WAV,XM,MIDI)

Tool will have 2 versions:

1) Limited Version (Free!)
* You can only recover saved to pc MSN accounts. (In case you dont remember it for email etc..)
* Patcher only can patch few files. (But still great for modders...)
* Converter only can do 128KBPS convert instead of 320KBPS

2) Plus! (10 EUR to unlock)

* Recover accounts that have logged in atleast once on your PC
* Patch any file (If its dangerous, you will be warned!)
* Convert any (supported) file to any (supported) file type. ANYTHING to MP3 320KPBS SUPPORT!

It will be ready when I have my own computer.
Currently I'm working with this in school.

Current progress: [][][][][][][][][][]

To do list 

[ ] Add Serial Check
[X] Add Converter
[X] Limit convert options
[ ] Add more files to patchable files list 
[X] Create MSN Passrecover
[ ] Limited MSN Passrecover

maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

Oh noes!

My computer broke up ;___;
Thats my I'm not going to write here for a few days ( or months LOL)...

Hope you still follow me and will be here when I'm back :3

See ya!