perjantai 15. huhtikuuta 2011

AthosData Beta Info

Woah... So, closed beta is going on and everything is just cool.
I did ALOT bugfixes and added new features aswell!

For now AthosData will be called "Athos".
Also, Athos has NEW features. And whats best, Athos will be 100% FREE.

New stuff added (v0.3.1b)

- Macro Creator: Set buttons to do different functions. Keep Athos open for Macros
- Shortcut Creator: Create Shortcuts for your favourite apps, games, folders, hotlinks...

Stuff changed  (v0.3.1b) 

- Removed Serial Check: Added Online Auth.

Yes, SERIAL CHECK Removed!
Online AUTH  was added. This makes app free to use.
To use Athos, simply login with your free account.

There will be "Plus" thing to get something more (like old beta version etc.)

Thats all folks. Release date sometime next week.

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