lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2011

Totally new idea!

Ok, so I started to write here using my phone (Only for this weekend... as I get new PC on Monday or Tuesday!).  I have been writing code and drawing GUI ideas on paper... This is going to be something GREAT!

Think about this:

3 Consoles: Wii - Xbox 360 - PS3
1 Tool: ACMT (Althir's Console Modding Tool)

ACMT could be used for basic console modding needs like:

* Wii App/Wad/etc. File Transfer-tool: Detects SD Card on PC, Able to format it, Can Copy files to it & Create right folders too

* Xbox HDD/USB Manager: For copying content from Xbox to PC / PC to Xbox

* PS3Manager: For ISO Detection etc.

This is still just an idea. Nothing has been done yet! :)

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