perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011


School and its computers... xD
Well... Atleast I can write something to here.

Okey, so I started to program application called "Athosdata".
It can be used to  few great things:

* Recover lost MSN Password (Account must have logged atleast once to your computer)
* Patch locked files in Vista/Win7 (Great for modders)
* Convert Media files (WMA,WMV,MP3,WAV,XM,MIDI)

Tool will have 2 versions:

1) Limited Version (Free!)
* You can only recover saved to pc MSN accounts. (In case you dont remember it for email etc..)
* Patcher only can patch few files. (But still great for modders...)
* Converter only can do 128KBPS convert instead of 320KBPS

2) Plus! (10 EUR to unlock)

* Recover accounts that have logged in atleast once on your PC
* Patch any file (If its dangerous, you will be warned!)
* Convert any (supported) file to any (supported) file type. ANYTHING to MP3 320KPBS SUPPORT!

It will be ready when I have my own computer.
Currently I'm working with this in school.

Current progress: [][][][][][][][][][]

To do list 

[ ] Add Serial Check
[X] Add Converter
[X] Limit convert options
[ ] Add more files to patchable files list 
[X] Create MSN Passrecover
[ ] Limited MSN Passrecover

3 kommenttia:

  1. Sounds nice. It sucks to forget your password.

  2. Heh.
    Added feature to change Windows Password without knowing it. You can also change adminstrator's password(s). :3

    If you have linux installed, this tool can be used to load root password on Windows.