sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Yay! :3

Okey, so I started to play this "Realm of  the Mad God" Flash MMORPG just a few days ago.
I got bored ón dying so I tried to cheat on it a little.

However, It's not that easy. I read a few articles about it, and you can use Hex Editor to cheat or just by using Cheat Engine to few tweaks I can teach you.

So, you download and install Cheat Engine 6 and open it up.
Next, you open your Internet browsers process. I use Firefox, so I have to open "Plugin-container.exe".

Now we are going to Nexus in RotMG by pushing F5 on keyboard.
This is a safeplace to try this little cheat. On Cheat Engine, enable speed hack and set to 50x.
Now, you can go trough any wall in Nexus. Just try it :D

Also, you can go to Wilderness and set speed to more than 100x.
Monsters will not hurt you, but if you are fast enough (lol) you can earn good exp.
I always use Huntress or Bowman and shoot arrows faster than you can say 'Meow'.

If you want, you can check that Hex Editor thing out from here.

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